Home Interior Design of Living Room

A living room renovation doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. There are many ways that you can do without having to sacrifice your three months worth of salary or a lifetime worth of savings. You only must separate your "needs" from your "wants" and "considerable wants". It is actually easier said than done because there's only a thin line that separates those three categories. But successfully doing this can make you a lot of money. Classify your furniture or accessories under three (3) categories. These categories can be “for keeping”, “for throwing” or “for renovating”.

Home Interior Design of Living Room 

Luxurious Colours and Textures Interior Design Belgravia Townhouse

This modern interior furniture design and the decoration is luxury, fill each space of home. In brief is to update decorative scheme to clever London home that styled in all netral palette. Luxurious colours and textures is introduced byHelen Smith to create a warmth, comfort and an elegant sophistication with a twist.

Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom interior design is always an important part of any home style. Decorating the bathroom can be an inexpensive experience when compared to the rest of the house, which also adjusts the ambience of the whole house in turn. Indeed it could be said that the bathroom has become the showpiece and essential part of any designer house.


There are many different ideas you can work with when designing or remodeling your bathroom.  The style of your home should be taken into consideration when in the design phase.  A bathroom's style and fixtures may be traditional, country, or modern, or even Victorian, southwestern, or eclectic — to name a few popular styles!  To gather ideas, study books and magazines, visit home shows, and talk to others who have renovated their bathrooms.

When beginning your project, some questions should be addressed.  Are you simply remodeling your existing space, or are you increasing the square footage of your home?  Are you doing a simple update, or are you totally revamping the room?  Consider the renovation costs and whether they will be offset by an increase in your home's resale value.

retro style bathroom Determining your budget is a top priority.  Do your research to establish a realistic idea of what your bathroom project is going to cost.  Home equity loans can often be obtained for extensive construction jobs.  Remember, the money is staying with your home because its value will typically increase with upgrades.  It is crucial to have a plan to keep your project within budgetary limits.  Once you have established a budget and some basic style preferences, you can begin searching for qualified bathroom design professionals.

luxury bathroom You will need an architect if your project involves an addition or extensive remodeling of existing space.  Certified Bathroom Designers (CBDs) are trained in every aspect of bathroom design — from layouts, materials, and fixtures to plumbing and wiring.  Interior designers strive to create functional and aesthetically attractive interior spaces.  They may develop floor plans and 3d renderings, plan bathroom lighting fixtures, suggest color schemes, and assist in selecting bathroom fixtures, materials, and bath accessories.  General contractors typically use the plans drawn up by these design professionals.  They will acquire necessary permits, install cabinetry, and oversee the work of plumbers, electricians, and other building trades professionals.  Some of these contractors specialize in bathroom construction and remodeling.

bathroom designed for kids If you are a do-it-yourself type, you may decide to design and build the bathroom project yourself.  In this case, you will also need to find sources for your building materials, fixtures, and accessory items.

Fixture choices such as faucets, spigots, sinks, and tubs set the style of your bathroom, along with the wall treatments and flooring.  They are produced in a variety of shapes, materials and finishes, so you should be able to find something that fits your preferred look.  You may choose to put in a double sink, a whirlpool tub with a separate shower, or a clawfoot tub.  You also have many options for finishing the floor and walls of your bathroom.  If you opt for a wood floor or painted walls, make sure they are moisture-sealed.

bathroom design Tiles come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes; and they need not always be made of porcelain.  The best bathroom tiles should be easily cleaned and sanitized, and install without caustic glues or cements.  They should also be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and have a non-porous surface.

Remember, your bathroom should express your creativity and style.  With the proper research, time, and effort, you will be able to create a spot in your home that will be enjoyed every day!

For further bathroom design and remodeling advice, Taunton publishes a book, entitled Renovating A Bathroom.  See also the EPA article about indoor air quality and bathroom remodeling.

Adornos y vajilla de navidad por Versace Home 2010 - Christmas Ornaments and Tableware

Versace Home ha presentado su colección de adornos de Navidad y vajilla para el año 2010.
Como los otros productos de la empresa la colección es sobre todo el lujo. Todos tienen un acabado dorado con motivos de invierno.

Si estás buscando adornos y vajilla para celebrar las fiestas con estilo y lujo esta nueva colección es la ideal para ti.

Fuente: Digsdigs

Nuevos diseños flor4u

Tras el rotundo éxito de su primera colección, Flor4u acaba de presentar 3 nuevas colecciones de vinilos decorativos. En sus nuevos diseños cabe destacar nuevamente la elegancia, la sofisticación y la calidad de los vinilos, características a las que ya nos tiene acostumbrados la firma.

Recomendado visitar la galería donde pueden visualizarse fotografías ambientadas de las distintas colecciones en www.flor4u.com

Paredes decoradas con Flor4u

Q-esko Dissenys presenta Flor4u, una colección destinada al mundo del interiorismo y la decoración compuesta de 10 vinilos adhesivos inspirados en el arte floral.

Estos vinilos son aptos para paredes lisas así como para cristal y madera. Los modelos pueden estar orientados a izquierda o derecha y están disponibles en una amplia gama de colores. Existe la posibilidad de diseños personalizados.

Más información en:


Cómo colocar vinilos decorativos

Los vinilos decorativos son la última tendencia a la hora de decorar paredes.
Sin duda, la pregunta que a todos nos surge a la hora de decidirnos a comprar un vinilo decorativo es:

¿Es fácil de colocar un vinilo decorativo? ¿Podré hacerlo yo mismo?
De la mano de MiraEnTuInterior.com, firma dedicada a la venta de vínilos decorativos, os presentamos un video explicativo de como colocarlos. Con él podemos ver que con un poco de paciencia, cualquiera puede hacerlo.
Una vez visto el video y comprobar que no es tan complicado, es hora de hacer un breve repaso a las diferentes colecciones de MiraEnTuInterior.com. Destacamos los vinilos decorativos infantiles, que posiblemente son los más difíciles de encontrar.

Fuente: www.miraentuinterior.com
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